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The concept of Continuous Improvement explains the process of continuously striving for improvement in all areas of the business.

Key areas for improvement are:

  • Activities, Procedures and Processes
  • Team Collaboration
  • Products
  • (Customer) Service Quality

The ultimate purpose of Continuous Improvement is to stay ahead of competition and strengthen that position sustainably.
Although this might seem like an easy concept to master, organisations who are not familiar with process improvement strategies will struggle with the implementation. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model is a classic approach forachieving Continuous Improvement. Once a potential improvement is identified, the PDCA steps get kicked off and introduce a repeated cycle that aims to continuously help a company improve further over time, based on achieved results.

Don’t wait to capture value through opportunities identifying themselves through necessity. Implement a 6STEP developed CI tool and process where you can capture value quicker, simpler and report out easier. Please get in touch with our team to explore your CI opportunities.