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Issues Management should be a strategic process to assist companies to seek out and react to changes not only within their organisation but also externally also. Internal issues maybe a result of lack of funding, depleted resources and impossible deadlines. To overcome these types of issues, 6STEP have put together a range of management allowing companies to take action early. Our Issues Management tool enables the following steps to be conducted to resolve issues for your organisation.

  • Company-wide review
  • Issue identification
  • Issue impact assessment and prioritization
  • Development of objective-driven strategy
  • Action
  • Evaluation, monitor & review

6STEP’s Issues Management tool offers transparency to key stake holders. Issues can be quickly identified, prioritized and tracked through the Issues Management process. By improving communication within the organisation, 6STEP are confident that issues that that arise and have been dealt with using our tool are unlike to reappear further down the line. If your company faces a range of issues and you need a clear and easy to sue tool to manage these issues, please contact us and we advise you on the next steps.