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The application of machine learning has become one of the most important category in the digital transformation space in all industries and will be a key factor for competitiveness in the future ahead. 6STEP leverages the latest technologies and platforms to develop state of the art machine learning algorithms which can accurately predict or forecast based on previous learnings (historical data) which can include categorical or numerical data, GPS location, images or text. Example use cases:

  • Real Estate Price Prediction
  • Staff Demand Forecast
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis and Categorization
  • Staff Retention Prediction
  • Probability of Loan Defaults

Our platform can be integrated with legacy systems to by aligning flows, integrating functions and coordinating processes. Our system is 100% bespoke and can be tailored to suit complex systems, ensuring complete integration. Once set up, companies can rely on accurate predictions or forecast based on dynamic data. Where hundreds of hours were spent in the past on repeated statistical analysis of data, we can now rely on machine learning algorithms to determine within seconds where to set the priorities. Instead of replacing existing systems, we are re-energizing existing systems with the adoption of the latest available technologies.