Our Services


The 6STEP team is made up of a number of highly experienced Project Managers, each of whom have extensive knowledge and over a wide range of industry sectors. We support and promote modern ‘Best Practice’ principle to deliver a best in class service. Our Project Management consultancy deliver the following benefits to each project we undertake:

  • Clear, organized plans improve team collaboration
  • SaaS Project management tools to help increase efficiency
  • Structured collaborative work
  • Effective cost control and budget management
  • Accomplishment of goals faster, using the right people for the right job

Our SaaS Project Management platform enables all project files to be organised and in one place. This eliminates confusion and wasted time, whilst driving efficiencies. We encourage improved communication between project team members is aligned, enhancing the effectiveness of the team as a whole. To find out how your company could benefit from our Project Management service, contact us and an experience member of our Project Team will run you through our service and how it can benefit you.