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Supply Chain


The movement of goods and services is critical for any business from large to small. Any disruption to the flow will have a significant impact on the business’ performance and growth. 6STEP understands this need and have developed a Supply Chain Management platform to assist businesses to communicate with their suppliers and customers alike. Our tools incorporate the following stages of process:

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return

Our platform can be integrated with legacy systems by aligning workflows, integrating functions and coordinating processes. Our system is 100% bespoke and can be tailored to suit complex systems, ensuring complete integration. Once set up, companies are able to manage resources and communication of all their supply chain, giving piece of mind and ensuring the smooth running of the operation. If you have experienced Supply Chain Management problems or would like to review your current systems, please contact us and a member of our Supply Chain Management team will be in touch.